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What is Clay Field Therapy®?

Work at the Clay Field® is a touch based therapy that was developed in Germany over 40 years ago by Professor Heinz Deuser.  It was brought to Australia by Cornelia Elbrecht the Founder and Director of the Institute of Sensorimotor Art Therapy with more than 40 years experience in her ground breaking work in healing trauma through Guided Drawing® and Work at the Clay Field®

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"The single most important issue for traumatised people is to find a sense of safety in their own bodies"                                                                                 

~ Bessel van der Kolk ~

The Clay Field® is a modality with a deep capacity to heal as it utilises the sense of touch which is vital within relationships and healing.  The sense of touch can be abused by way of invasive medical procedures, physical violence and sexual abuse.  The texture and resistance of the clay provide a representation of a person’s physical relationship with the world.  Work at the Clay Field® allows people to innately repair unmet developmental milestones and have an active response to an unresolved trauma.  Therefore, creating new pathways in the brain that focus on healing and reducing physical symptoms as a result of historical trauma.

The benefit of Clay Field Therapy® over talking based therapies is that it is solution focused and doesn't require people to relive their trauma during the therapeutic process. 


"In a safe and supportive setting, the hands of clients will find their way out of restriction, collapse and frozen fear into growing trust and fulfilment....almost inevitably they will search for increasingly reliable contact, balance in the relationship with the material and self-fulfilment through it."

                                                                                 ~ Cornelia Elbrecht ~

Clay Field Therapy® For Adults

The first step in calling a potential therapist can be quite daunting.  Be assured that Sarah has a calm, welcoming space and a warm smile to greet you.  Clay Field® sessions with adults are generally conducted with eyes closed as this allows for a greater connection with the experience.  You will be encouraged to follow every desire your hands have.  There will be a bowl of water and a sponge at hand to assist in the session. 

Every Clay Field® session can look very different as it relies on your intuition to guide you.  The end of a session is met with discussion of the process and how it relates to your current situation.  You will leave a session with an increased attunement to your body, and a shift in how you are feeling.  There is no piece to take home, there is the option of capturing a visual of the experience with your camera.


"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain"


~ Carl Jung ~

Clay Field Therapy® For Children

It is not uncommon for children to feel uncertain about attending therapy. They may be unsure of what to expect, and it is often within an unfamiliar environment with someone who they don't know. Sarah creates a space where children and young people feel safe but also have a say in the process. A session can assist a child to reduce their anxiety, process sadness or release anger.

Children who might benefit from Clay Field Therapy® :

* Those who have difficulty regulating their emotions.

* Those who experience emotions that unexpectedly heighten (and may present as anger outbursts).

* Those who may have missed developmental milestone during their younger years.

* Those who have difficulty settling.

* Those who have difficulty sleeping.

* Those who avoid situations due to overwhelm or anxiety.

* Those who experience difficulty focussing.

* Those with coping mechanisms which are not considered age appropriate.

To ensure a child's needs are met there is a lot of flexibility within a session; the success of a session is not dependant on the child making contact with the clay.

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