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Art Therapy & NDIS

There is often the misconception around Art Therapy that you need to be good at art, but you don't. Art Therapy assists those people that are ready to heal from some past trauma or to assist them in understanding their own emotions.  Sarah is able to see people utilising NDIS funding if they are self-managed or plan managed.  Sarah may be able to help you with the following things:

Do you have ADHD?

 Art Therapy provides a platform that allows you to slow down and recognise what's happening in your body.  You are then able to see the connection between your mind and your body. This allows you to develop more self care skills.

Do you have Autism Spectrum Disorder?

In an Art Therapy session the focus is on the hands and the art exercise, not on talking and making eye contact. This makes it an ideal setting for working on your healing.

Do you want to save money?

If you have a friend that you would feel comfortable doing a joint session with, Sarah can accommodate this. This will reduce the cost for you both and allow your money to go further.

Do you have Anxiety?

Art Therapy allows you to build up your capacity to regulate, identify and communicate your emotions. 

With these extra skills, day to day life will be easier.

Do you have Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Art Therapy allows the focus to be on healing the trauma without having to relive it. It allows you to connect with and love your true self.

Do you have difficulty being at school?

Art Therapy can provide you with the tools to allow you to feel more comfortable in a classroom setting. It can also assist in meeting missed developmental milestones, which may be one of the reasons school is challenging.

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