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What is Clay Field Therapy®?

Art Therapy for Teens

Developmentally, the teenage years present a number of challenges to both teenagers and their caregivers. Teens are battling with significant changes to their bodies, working out who they are and where they fit in the world. There is also the added pressure to this cohort of teens that lives in a cyberworld that is always present.  This not only reduces their downtime, but is at the forefront of their mind, even when they are disconnected.  The amount of input being received by the teen brain is daunting and we need to remember that, despite how well your teen might present themselves, their brain is far from being fully developed. If you add other significant events to this equation; such as parental separation, moving house, changing school and friendship difficulties, then your teens ability to cope can diminish quite significantly. In these instances you may find your teen needs extra support to successfully navigate through these challenges.

Art Therapy pairs really well with teens due to their tendency to communicate less with adults. Art Therapy provides a space to process life's challenges utilising a range of different tactile art mediums.

Teens with anxiety

Art Therapy allows teens to build up their capacity to regulate, identify and communicate their emotions. 

Teens, sexualtiy and gender

Art Therapy provides a safe space for teens to uncover aspects of themselves they may have been unable to connect with previously.

Teens and drugs

As with withdrawn teens, teens that are experimenting with drugs are attempting to escape their reality. Art Therapy provides an outlet to safely confront their difficulties and actively find solutions.

Teens with depression

Art Therapy empowers teens to trust in themselves and to view things from a different perspective.

Withdrawn teens

Teens are encouraged to experiment during an Art Therapy session. They are given the opportunity to practice healthy risk taking in a supported environment.

Teen outbursts

Art Therapy taps into a number of emotions during a session. Support and education is provided to assist teens in developing their own language around their emotional needs and improving emotional self-awareness.

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